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Our Staff & Leadership Board

Galilee is blessed with at support staff of talented individuals who are here to help share the good news of the ministries and happenings of this church family.

Deacon Douglas Krekling

Deacon Douglas Krekling

Spiritual Formation and Journey

Guided by the Holy Spirit, I’m passionate and called to accompany all of God’s people through the joys and challenges of their lives while exploring and discovering more about the forgiving, healing, reconciling and renewing love of Jesus Christ. I’m aware there are many ways the Holy Spirit works in and through each of us, God’s unique human creations. I’m also keenly aware the faith formation journey isn’t “one size fits all” but has many different ways and time frames in which we can become more spiritually aware and more faith filled – for the sake of our neighbor and for the world.

Personal Journey

As a child, I attended Holy Communion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Racine, WI. At age 12, I began to move away from the church, from God and organized religion; my agnostic atheist journey continued for about 20 years. Science provided tidy, neat and rational answers to questions about creation, existence, evolution and death. That is, until one day, the foundational construct for the life I created began to self-destruct and erode into nothingness. Empty and meaningless is not a good place from which to a draw life giving breath. Speaking of breath, God, who creates from nothing, who breaths life into all creation, who breathed life into the dead Jesus, apparently had something very different in mind for me – God’s creating “breath of life” began the life saving journey that I continue today. Thanks be to God!

Fast forward – I completed seminary studies in 2014, and commissioned Associate In Ministry (AIM) in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) in 2016. In 2018, I was consecrated Deacon, Minister of Word & Service. I have been working in full-time ministry since 2016.

My best friend and wife, Lisa and I have been married for 31 years. We have one beautiful, loving, caring daughter Hilary who resides in the area, and a spirited 10 year old Poodle/Bichon (PooChon) mix named Bella. For the past 25 years, Lisa and I have been business partners owning and operating multiple Cousins Subs franchises in the Milwaukee metro area.

Other life experiences: 13 years teaching music at both high school and elementary school levels; 9 years as owner of Tenor Music Productions composing, arranging, recording and producing music for AT&T, Exxon, Coca-Cola Foods and other ventures. I enjoy travel with my family, motorcycle trips, auto racing, and continuously discovering and learning about ways God consistently calls all of us from our brokenness into new life…for the sake of each other and for all of creation.

If you’d like to explore faith and discover ways the power of the Holy Spirit is working in transforming your heart, please join us in this faith journey.  May you know and continue to grow in the love of Christ. †Blessings and †Peace.

Deacon Doug Krekling, began his ministry at Galilee in February 2016 as the Director of Christian Life. He can be reached at 262-691-2380 or douglas.krekling@galileelc.org

 Jane Kaufman, our Church Secretary, joined Galilee in 2011.  Her primary responsibilities are performing the day-to-day administrative tasks that allow Galilee run smoothly.  She maintains phone & email communications; and prepares weekly worship & special bulletins, weekly announcements, the monthly newsletter, annual report and maintains our membership database.  God has blessed us with her cheery disposition, administrative skills & talents, and supportive “can do” attitude.

Karen Streit, our Financial Secretary, joined us many years ago. Her primary responsibilities include maintaining the financial records of the church. She works closely with the Treasurer to maintain weekly giving reports, processes the church’s accounts payable, prepare quarterly giving statements and she backs-up Jane when needed.  Karen has been the “glue” holding our church office together during many transitions.  God has blessed us with her multitude of talents.

Paul Thorgaard has served Galilee as Music Director for many years.  His primary responsibility is to lead the Senior Voice and Handbell Choirs.

Mary Kay Debrecht has served Galilee as is our Sunday organist & pianist for many years.  Her primary responsibility is to support worship services.

Vince LaTona is our Saturday worship service accompanist.

Bill Braunschweig is our Comumbarium Administrator.

Leadership Board 

The primary function of the Leadership Board is to transact the business of the church, be responsible for the financial and property matters of the congregation in accordance with the Church Constitution, discern ministries and programs in conjunction with Galilee’s currently adopted Mission & Visioning Statements and Church Constitution & By-laws, and report their activities to the congregation.  Five members of the congregation are elected to serve two-year term in the Leadership Board, and are eligible to serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.


2019 Leadership Board Members

Matthew Strosin, Ann Dee Austin, Susan Olson, Pastor Jay Ford, Chris Rudolph,  Stephen Hanson, and Jeff Dohlby