El Salvador Partnership

The Sister Parish relationship between Galilee Lutheran Church and El Renacer de Los Martires in the community of Monsenor Romero, El Salvador was formed in 2006. The relationship formed following Galilee members participation in a Greater Milwaukee Synod/ELCA delegation visit.  It was a time of exploration, sharing experiences, gathering information and discernment.  

This mutual relationship between our two Congregations is nurtured by sharing experiences of faith, holding one another up in prayer, supporting each other in times of joy and sadness, learning about each other’s culture and countries, building relationships, and walking with the people through visits and ongoing mutual communication.  Since the initial visit we have had three delegations travel to El Salvador to visit and walk with the people of Los Martires and the community. 

Through the generous gifts of Galilee members we have provided our Sister Congregation with Sunday School supplies, chairs for the Sunday School children and health items.  Backpacks and school supplies were also purchased through our special gifts.  Monetary gifts have been provided to be used by Pastor Martir Vigil in the Congregation when and where needed.  We provided funds for the materials to erect a Sunday School building that they have named in honor of Galilee.  A Galilee Delegation had the opportunity to view the building in November 2011.

Through the Companion Synod Partnership between the Greater Milwaukee Synod of the ELCA and the Salvadoran Lutheran Church members of Galilee have also participated in a number of Synod opportunities and events that have taken place in El Salvador. In November 2010 it was a pleasure to have Pastor Martir Vigil of Los Martires visit Galilee and the Milwaukee area.  His words of faith were shared in our three worship services during the weekend and in our Adult Education.  Pastor Martir was also the Keynote Speaker at the Greater Milwaukee Synod LaFiesta event.  It was a wonderful blessing to have Pastor Martir be present with us.  

We are blessed to have this relationship and look forward to its continued faith-filled growth.

Worship Space in El Salvador