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2019 Lower Level Renovation Project

2019 Lower Level Renovation Project

Galilee’s lower level (kitchen, fellowship hall and restrooms) have served us well.  But after 60 years they are worn, tired, and in need of updating.  Until now, financial constraints have kept any action from being taken.  Today with significant and loving generosity of people dedicated to Galilee’s service to Christ, a new opportunity is being presented for us to address this need.  We invite you to review the information here and to take part in financially supporting this welcomed project of renovation and renewal, the benefits of which will reach far beyond our Galilee congregation.

As of June 17, 2019

Progress Report

Donations received as of June 17, 2019



PROJECT APPROVED!  At the June 9th congregational meeting the congregation by 97% of those in attendance overwhelmingly approved moving forward with the Lower Level Renovation Project.  Watch for progress reports here, in Narthex displays and various communications. 

Over the next six weeks:

  • Fundraising
  • Final Design Work
  • Finalize Contract with approved Vendor
  • Project Start: Targeting August
  • Project Conclusion: By EOY

Please visit here often to see how the project and financial appeal are progressing. May GOD BLESS!


The renovations include a completely redesigned, revised and expanded warming kitchen, a redesigned and much more welcoming fellowship hall and totally renovated restrooms.  We are excited to add ADA compliance and improved maintenance and safety features as well.  All design features and enhancements were carefully considered to further the Lord’s work through Galilee’s Mission and Ministries – not only for today, but for many years into the future.  For more details, please see below or ask for a Project Trifold.


The renovation budget is $360,000.  As of June 17, we have received $191,345 in generous project donations.  Now we are embracing the challenge to raise the additional $168,655.  We invite you to prayerfully consider taking part in financially supporting this welcomed project of renovation and renewal.  Our immediate goal is to raise additional donations or pledges of $100,000 prior to the beginning of construction, tentatively scheduled for August 1st, with a goal to finish by the end of the year.  Our ultimate goal is to raise the entire amount for the project in up-front donations and pledges.  As a back-up, Galilee members have approved a maximum loan amount of $75,000 for this project.    


We have lots of ways to donate!  Please don’t hesitate to contact Steve Hanson for questions.  We kindly request that every donor fill out a DONATION FORM and return it to the church office.  Thank You in advance for your generous support!  

  • One-time Donation or Pledge (increments up to 3 years)
    • For Cash or CheckS, please fill out a donation form and return to the church
    • NEW!!  Donate Online – Accepting credit, debit and bank transfers via secured site. Go to www.galileelc.org and click on GIVE ONLINE link.  Select 2019 Renovation and follow instructions.,
      • You can make your credit card gift go further by adding 3% to defray Galilee processing costs.
  • Stock Donation (see donation form)
    • If you choose this method, please fill out a donor form so Galilee can track your donation and ask your institution to include your name and “2019 Renovation” on/with the check.
  • Qualified Charitable Distribution (see donation form and Narthex for more info)
    • A direct transfer from an IRA to a charity (Example: Galilee Lutheran Church)
    • A tax-efficient way to make charitable donations
    • Direct donations made from IRAs using a qualified charitable distribution will NOT be subject to income taxes.
    • Each IRA owner is permitted up to $100,000 in QCDs annually
    • Only available to IRA owners or IRA beneficiaries who are age 70 ½ or older
    • Is different from a required minimum distribution (RMD)
    • If done properly a QCD can also satisfy the required minimum distribution requirements
    • Please see more info in narthex and consult your financial planner and/or tax advisor!
    • If you choose this method, please fill out a donor form so Galilee can track your donation and ask your institution to include your name and “2019 Renovation” on/with the check.

Thank you for your faith and support for God’s ministry in this appeal.

Click HERE to donate or pledge

If you have any questions about the project or donation process, contact Steve Hanson at 414-254-4392 (c).


The following items may be sponsored through a donation.  Please check in the Narthex or with the Church office to see if an item is still available. Also, you may Sponsor an Item needed for the project (see list below) and we kindly ask you to send along a dedication along with your gift (see more info below)

Unit Cost Itemized Donation List
$ 20,000 Kitchen countertops
$  10,000 Flooring in kitchen
$   8,000 Painting
$   5,500 Dishwasher
$   4,000 Built-in buffet serving line with electric
$   2,500 Flooring in bathroom
$   2,500 Kitchen hood
$   2,000 Large refrigerator
$   2,000 Shower module and fixtures
$   2,000 Kitchen cupboards – 3′ sections; upper & lower
$   1,500 Pantry cabinets with locks
$   1,500 Three-compartment sink
$   1,100 Electric range oven with convection
$   1,000 Water softener plumbing set-up
$     900 Electric range oven
$     900 Decorative lighting fixtures for Fellowship Hall
$     800 Doors
$     500 Toilets
$     400 Garbage disposal
$     350 Fire extinguishers
$     300 Serving carts
$     200 Counter microwave oven


  • What or who inspires you to support Galilee in this project?  Why?
  • People in your life?  Ministries? Past or future events? Miracles?
  • Future hopes? Prayers Answered?
  • Stories involving church kitchens or fellowship halls? 
  • We’d love to hear and share faith-related stories, comments – even photos or pictures of what motivates faith for Galileans.
    • Remember/honor a loved one or send a message to the future
    • Support a Ministry; Recount how a ministry helped
    • Write a story, send a photo, provide a favorite bible verse or quote, draw a picture, ???
    • Material will be collected and shared/published in some manner to acknowledge the gifts of this project as a way to celebrate the formation of faith – from the past, present and to the future.
    • Stay tuned for more information… and start thinking!
    • Please see your donation form and/or send (additional) materials to Karen Buelow – buelowk@att.net or 262 215-1347